Wedding part 2 and a Minimoon

After the success of our “English Wedding with a Chinese Twist”, it’s time for the second instalment! With such hype from getting married, we are slowly getting back to reality and excited to just celebrate our marriage with great people who were unable to come to England for various reasons/convenience.

Thanks to all those who helped on our English wedding, although for Hong Kong there is minimal work to be done as everything is planned and prepared for you within the pricing. Difficulty was choosing the right venue. Having booked the venue last November, there was already limited space for weekend banquets. There will only be a few extra little bits and accessories to pay for, and hopefully everyone will enjoy the grand event.

Regarding our “Minimoon”, we’ve decided to go to spectacular city of Tokyo. Such excitement for the food, culture and lifestyle. Keep an eye on my food blog here for all our Foodie Adventures, with lots of food and drink, what more could I ask for?. We class this as a Minimoon, mainly because of both set of parents will be accompanying too. With so much to do and so little time, it will be interesting to see how and what we fit into our schedules.

Apologies to those who we don’t have time to see. Catch you on the next trip to HK 😉

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