Wedding part 2 and a Minimoon

After the success of our “English Wedding with a Chinese Twist”, it’s time for the second instalment! With such hype from getting married, we are slowly getting back to reality and excited to just celebrate our marriage with great people who were unable to come to England for various reasons/convenience. Continue reading

Finding my perfect wedding dress

So after 6 months of working, I have accumulated around 12-14 days of annual leave. Since I have already handed in my notice, I have decided to take all my annual leave before starting my new job. Too bad they won’t let me take off my night shift! To be honest, I quite miss working life. I know people do say, cherish your days off, once you started working, you can’t get many days off. Even though I am bored out of my mind at times, I have actually done a few things during my days off.

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