Paris Trip Day 1 – Part 1 – November 2013

After four years together, we finally decide to take our first abroad holiday together. Once the parents managed to set the date for when to close and go away, we managed to decide where to go. What could be more romantic than Paris?

Courtesy of, we managed to find a great deal for flights and hotel, with a greater bonus, being next to the Champs-Élysée. Dates confirmed, next step we planned the little days we would have in a foreign country.

We decided to plan from the beginning:

  • Book Airport Parking
  • Research how to get from the Airport to Hotel
  • Research activites
  • Research Restaurants
  • Plan timings

With a rough plan on each day, we had a schedule (which we adapted a lot during the trip).

Booking Airport Parking and Manchester Airport was very simple, select your parking details, enter the terminal and your vehicle registration and pay. Getting there was even more straight forward. Park up near the terminal, give the keys to the company and away you go.

Click here to book your airport parking. 

Having booked via a budget/cheap airline, it was always inevitable that there would be a long queue towards the check in process. The flight operated by flybe, provided “drink vouchers” for the flight to Paris but from the early morning we decided to sleep throughout the flight. With a smooth landing, we were at Charles de Gaulle(CDG) airport. Most likely because of the budget airline, we’ve never had to wait so long just for our suitcases. 45 minutes later… we were looking for the Air France coaches to central Paris. With young person discount the coach costed us 14 Euros each.

Click here for more details on Paris transport

From the drop off point next to the Arc de Triomphe, it was only a 10 minute walk to our hotel. The location was ideal, although the downside I would say, would be the lack of possibilities for an early check in. We left our baggages with the reception and explored the area.

Click here for details about the hotel.

With the great weather for the weekend, we opted to avoid the metro and walk everywhere. The first thing on Gloria’s mind was where to go shopping and which shoes to buy. Having spent a considerable amount of time in a shoe shop, we decided to head back with Lunch and check-in to our rooms. In Paris you are never short of Cafés or sandwhich shops. Unluckily, we found one that spoke no English… even so, the food we ordered eventually was nice.

When checking into the rooms, we managed to relax, chill and take a quick nap. We were greeted with Gloria branded milk.

Milk Paris

Part 2 of day 1 coming soon…

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