HOW TO : Download and Use Whatsapp Messenger – iPhone Version

How To : Download and Use Whatsapp Messenger for iPhone

Firstly I would like to note that I have been asked many questions about application “Whatsapp”. So I have decided to write this guide / How To post to help people understand more.
What is Whatsapp?

  • Communication application for smart phones
    • To communicate with other people via this app ALL parties must own the application first
  • The messenger allows smart phone users such as blackberries, iPhones, androids etc. to communicate with the use of text and ability to send images, videos, voice clips, locations and contacts.
  • The application uses internet usage instead of SMS costs
  • Personally I find it a bonus to keep in touch with all my friends abroard

Downloading Whatsapp
There are 2 methods in acquiring the application. However firstly click the Apple app store.

First Method:

First Method

Step 1: Press search and enter Whatsapp
(Follow on to Step 3)

Second Method:
Step 1: Browse the applications by category
Step 2: Press Social Networking

Step 3: Press Whatsapp Messenger
Step 4: Press the price and install
Step 5: Enter your itunes password and the application will begin to download

Whatsapp Functions: Below shows the basic functions of Whatsapp on my iPhone
These functions are found at the bottom of the application


  •  Shows the people who have Whatsapp or anyone you add to the favourites
  • This makes it convenient to talk to people who have Whatsapp, instead of having to search                           your whole contact list and finding out who has it
  • Allows you to change the status of your lifestyle
  • Let’s other people know what you are doing
    • e.g going to work, do not disturb, in the office, available…
  • Shows all the contacts in your phone book
  • Create conversations with other people who have Whatsapp
  • Allows you to create a group chat with more than one person
  • Broadcasts a message to multiple people you choose

Pressing the arrow on the left of the app as indicated here  brings up more options to send such as

  • Take Photo or Video
  • Choose Existing
  • Audio Note
  • Share Contact
  • Share Location
  • Allows you to change settings such as
    • Name that appears when a message is sent to recipient
    • Wallpaper of your chat
    • Size of font
    • Download more Smilies and images
  • Checks the online status of Whatsapp
  • Send your chat history to an email address
  • Contact the company themselves in case of problem

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