HOW TO : Download and Update iTunes

How To : Download and Update iTunes

As with my previous “how to” I’ve been asked by many how to update iTunes. This guide will help you understand the ways to acquire and update.

What is iTunes?

  • Media player for computers
  • Plays music and videos from the computer
  • Organise content for iPhones, iPods and iPod Touches
  • Download content from the iTunes store such as eBooks, mp3s, videos and applications
Downloading iTunes
Step 1: To download the latest version of iTunes visit this link click here .
Step 2: Click “Free Download”
Step 3: Click “Download Now”
Once downloaded you will need to run the installer, agree to the term and conditions, install Quicktime and then  you are able to run iTunes.
Updating iTunes
Step 1: Click “Help”
Step 2: Click “Check for Updates” (as shown on the right)
Step 3: Click “Download iTunes” (as shown below)
Apple Software Update will show
Step 4: Click “Install items” (you may have more than one)
Step 5: Once installed finish update and reboot computer

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