Our First Pram – Silver Cross Wayfarer

Silver Cross Wayfarer Sand Pram Review

With just a few weeks left to go (single digits), we decided to buy our very first pram! Having tested a few at our local Mothercare, we found our ideal one to put our first child in. 

img_1760We opted to go for a Silver Cross pram and pay a decent amount, considering we are planning to have more than one child. This way the pram will get multiple uses. We are still yet to take it for a spin, but the offer with the free/ “included” car seat and changing bag made the purchase much more attractive. The pram covers you from newborn plus, with the carry cot, and chair and you can fit the car seat on it too.

The car seat itself is the standard Silver Cross Simplicity which fits into the ISOFIX quite easily. We got our local Mothercare advisor to ensure that we did not need the ISOFIX for our car and make sure our child would be safe.

When we paid for our order, we were told it could take a few weeks to deliver, this was not a problem as we ordered in advanced. Our delivery arrived, however we were missing a few items. After contacting customer support, they did not have this in stock and will be another week. Luckily, we planned well in advance and were not due yet. The benefit of the set itself, are the wide choice of colours. We opted for the sand colour as it gave a nice classy, unisex colour look.

Having unboxed the units, you can already tell how well packaged it is. It took some considerable time to unwrap the whole thing alongisde removing the little bits of wrapped foam around the metal, be sure to have your scissors handy. Once unwrapped, the pram itself is easy to assemble. Everything clicks, zips and fastens into place ready to use. You can pack the pram easily to fit into your boot and the frame isn’t too heavy, making it that easy to assemble back.

Overall, this was a good purchase and such a popular product. We have seen a few of the Silver Cross Wayferers knocking around already.

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