What to pack in your hospital bag?

Getting your hospital bag packed and ready to go means that your due date is approaching!!! Exciting times right?!?! I must admit I didn’t pack mine until I was 36 weeks pregnant.  The reason why I started packing my hospital bag was because one of the expecting mums in our NCT antenatal class has given birth 5 weeks early.   Continue reading

My labour experience

Hmmm…… Can’t believe it’s been a week since my little princess was born.   I woke up in the middle of the night having contractions, the next thing I know was that my water broke.  It felt like a warm gush of fluid coming from down below, kind of like I have wet myself.  I woke my husband up, rang maternity assessment and told them the situation.  They advised me to go in for a check up and said I just need to bring my notes with me.  Contractions were every 5 minutes lasting about 30 seconds to start off with, by the time I got to the hospital and have my check up, contractions were more frequent and painful.  Throughout the contractions I had my husband to apply counter pressure on my lower back which helped a lot.  I was told by the midwife to go for a walk around for two hours because I wasn’t ready and let gravity do it’s job.  I managed to get out of the ward, headed for the lift but contractions and pain were too intense I couldn’t make it downstairs so we returned to the ward and I lied down on the bed to rest.  Not long after I lied down, I had the urge to push, so I got him to let the midwives know.  The next thing I know is that I was ready to give birth and there wasn’t enough time to get me to delivery suite nor having gas and air, so I have given birth to my little princess having only had 3 tablets of pain killers.  The overall labour was quick for me, from when my water broke to delivering the baby took me once my little one was born we were both in tears, I had her in skin to skin and my husband cut the cord.  It was very emotional and surreal.  I was then transferred to delivery suite to get stitched up as I had a second degree tear.  After that I had a quick shower to freshen up and had a bite to eat, I was transferred to post natal ward.

Several checks need to be done at post natal ward before we can get discharged to go home. Unfortunately, baby was too sleepy to feed so I had to hand express colostrum and fed her through a syringe. By the time she was up and feeding from me, the midwife who does the post natal checks has gone home so we (including my husband) had to stay overnight.  I must say it wasn’t the comfiest stay ever but we managed!  We did our first diaper change together, trying to figure out which is the best way to do it.  Never though that the meconium was that hard to wipe, it was greenish and very sticky. We had some cotton balls but the fluffs were stuck on her bum 😂. Anyway we managed to get her clean up, it might have taken us a while to do.  We got discharged the next morning once all checks were completed.  It is the most amazing feeling when our little one was born, the feeling was hard to describe but that nine months of alcohol free, back pains, mood swing etc were worth it when you have your baby in your arms. 😍

Azia Resort and Spa Paphos, Cyprus – Our experience and Review

Finding somewhere to stay for a few days and relax in Paphos, Cyprus? The Azia Resort and Spa is a good choice for a quick break, anything longer than a week and you may find yourself very bored. This would be the same for Paphos itself. Continue reading

She’s Pregnant – What now?

New challenges and new dreams await for expecting fathers (the average man) with a pregnant partner. The prospect of being a father can be a big learning curve in the eyes of some people. It’s all systems go from the moment you find out up until the rest of your life. Firstly, know the facts, be sure to do your research. There was a lot going on, although the Wife was already very clued up about the subject I was not needed mainly.  Continue reading

Bioderma – Micelle Solution Product Review

This is my first time using Bioderma product, I must say I am very impressed with it.  I put on my makeup more or less on a daily basis and having been looking for a good makeup remover.  Waterproof eyeliners are the ones I always use and they can be hard to remove (even when the product says it can remove waterproof makeup).  My first thought when I used this was “WOW, it’s good”, not to mention I had a makeup trial on that day too so I had heavier makeup on than any other time. All I had to do was poured some of the solution onto a cotton pad then wipe my eye and face makeup off, it was quick and simple. No need to leave the cotton pad on for long before I wiped it. Usually with the other products I have tried, it took me a while to get the waterproof eyeliner off, I had to leave the cotton pad on my eyelids for a minute or two then wipe it.  Sometimes it might not even remove all the makeup, then I had to do it again.  After I have used it, my skin didn’t feel greasy or anything, my skin stayed hydrated.  There’s other range available as well, the reason I chose this range is because I have dehydrated skin and sometimes it can hugely quite painful when I applied face cream on.  Continue reading

Finding my perfect wedding dress

So after 6 months of working, I have accumulated around 12-14 days of annual leave. Since I have already handed in my notice, I have decided to take all my annual leave before starting my new job. Too bad they won’t let me take off my night shift! To be honest, I quite miss working life. I know people do say, cherish your days off, once you started working, you can’t get many days off. Even though I am bored out of my mind at times, I have actually done a few things during my days off.

Continue reading